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Origin: Levitage is a new fungus-resistant red wine variety whose interbreeding was carried out in 1994 at LVWO Weinsberg.

Interbreeding: The parent varieties are Regent (Gf 67-198-3) and Acolon (We 71-816-102). The breeding strain We 71-816-102 combines hereditary parts of Lemberger and Dornfelder. From Gf 67-198-3, the variety has resistance genes from American Vitis species to the fungal diseases downy and powdery mildew.

Characteristics: The grape variety is a quality variety with low maintenance growth habit due to not too vigorous growth and almost vertical shoot attitude. So far, the variety has proved to be very stable in yield, reliable in production as well as well-mannered in the ripening window. The plant protection strategy should be implemented in accordance with good professional practice. Based on the experience with the variety from trials at LVWO Weinsberg, three treatments against downy and powdery mildew are recommended as a basis; in case of high infection pressure or use of organic agents, the treatments should be adjusted accordingly. In organic cultivation, the strength corresponds to the resistance of the Regent variety.


Downy mildew: niedrig medium high sehr hoch

Powdery mildew: niedrig mittel high sehr hoch

Botrytis: niedrig mittel hoch very high

Grape: The variety bears quite large grapes with medium-sized berries. The grape has a loose structure and the berries have a very firm berry skin, which gives it very good resistance to grape rot and the spotted wing drosophila (Drosophila suzukii).

Wine: The variety yields colorful wines with aromas of wild berries and cherries. The wines are full-bodied and full-bodied as well as round and warm with a harmonious tannin structure. Stable acidity values of the grapes facilitate cellar handling.  

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Levitage Traube
Levitage Traube
Levitage Blatt
Levitage Triebspitze

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TypeCloneRootstockTrunk lengthRemarks Add to wish list
LevitageWe R 30ℹ︎
5 BB
125 AA
Richter 110
1103 Paulsen
Normal trunk (ca. 30 cm)
High trunk (ca. 80 cm)
Half trunk (ca. 60 cm)
new from Weinsberg, similarity to Dornfelder


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