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Origin: The Cabertin grape variety was bred in 1991 by the Swiss breeder Valentin Blattner. The goal here was to allow an international red wine type in the cooler northern wine growing regions.

Interbreeding: Cabernet Sauvignon X resistance partners.

Characteristics: Ripening time is about 10-14 days before Cabernet Sauvignon, around early to mid-October. The growth is upright and very strong. Very good frost hardiness in winter frosts. Its upright growth provides uniform ventilation and sunlight in the grape zone, without the need for intensive defoliation.


Downy mildew: niedrig mittel high sehr hoch

Powdery mildew: niedrig mittel high sehr hoch

Botrytis: niedrig mittel high sehr hoch

Grape: The grape is narrow, loose-berried and little shouldered. The berry is round, small and covered with an even layer of wax. The berry skin is very firm and therefore very resistant to botrytis.

Wine: The wine is characterized by a dark ruby color. On the nose it shows clear pyrazines, i.e. paprika, pepper as well as mocha, espresso beans and aromatic cigar. The tannin structure is very strong.

Cabertin Traube

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TypeCloneRootstockTrunk lengthRemarks Add to wish list
5 BB
125 AA
Richter 110
1103 Paulsen
Normal trunk (ca. 30 cm)
High trunk (ca. 80 cm)
Half trunk (ca. 60 cm)
similarity to Cabernet


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