Muscat Ottonel

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Origin: Muscat Ottonel is a white wine variety and comes from France. Jean-Pierre Vibert from Angers selected the variety in 1839 from a found seedling. The variety was propagated from 1852 onwards by Jean Moreau-Robert, a resident of Angers. 

Interbreeding: Chasselas × Ingram's Muscat

Characteristics: The grape variety has a medium bud burst, blossom and ripening time. The variety grows upright and of medium strength. In poor flowering weather it tends to coulure quickly. As Muscat Ottonel tends to coulure heavily, yields are highly variable and uncertain.

Grape: The grape is large, long, hardly shouldered, cylindrical and medium-dense. The berries are roundish to slightly elongated, greenish-yellow in colour and brownish on the sunny side. They are also thick-skinned, hard-fleshed, crunchy and juicy with a fine nutmeg bouquet.

Wine: The wine is greenish-yellow in colour and has an intense, fine and aromatic nutmeg bouquet. It is mild, usually low in alcohol content and extract. Muscat Ottonel can develop pronounced, very fine citrus aromas.

Cultivation: For this variety, wind-protected and sunny vinyard sites are best suited. Locations that are too cool and inferior should be avoided. It prefers fertile, strong soils with a good water supply. When choosing a site and rootstock, it must be taken into account that the variety is sensitive to lime. 


  • We have the clone D 90 of the Weinbauinstitut Freiburg as standard in our variety programme. The selection goals were a high flowering resistance, high must weight and a lower susceptibility to botrytis. D 90 proved itself on the rootstocks 125 AA and SO4, regardless of the soil.
Muskat Ottonel D 90
Muskat Ottonel D 90
Muskat Ottonel Blatt

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