Muscat Blanc

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Origin: Muscat is one of the oldest cultivated vines, which is why there are a large number of variations. The origin of the grape variety probably lies in Asia Minor. Phoenician and Greek colonists spread the Muscat in the eastern Mediterranean region. Currently, about 200 varieties of Muscat are known. The best known is the Muscat of Alexandria, which has a cultivation area of about 100,000 ha worldwide and is mainly used for table grape and sweet wine production. The Yellow and Red Muscat are mainly grown as specialities in Germany and Austria.

Characteristics:  The variety has a late bud burst time and strong growth with large leaves, pointedly serrated leaf edges and long tendrils. The yields are medium-high and the ripeness medium-late to late. The variety is also well suited for use as a table grape. The variety has a strong susceptibility to couluring.

Grape: The grapes are large, hardly shouldered, cylindrical and compact. The berries turn greenish-yellow at ripeness and turn brownish on the sunny side. They have a strong muscat bouquet and a thin berry skin. 

Wine: This bouquet grape variety produces light, racy wines with a pronounced but fine muscat bouquet. Muscat sparkling wines are appealing, expressive and convey an aromatic experience.

Cultivation: The cultivation requirements of the variety are high. It requires warm, wind-protected locations due to its susceptibility to rotting. Heavy limestone soils are unsuitable for the Muscat. It also thrives in well stony or sandy soils, if these are deep and not too dry. 


  • We carry the proven quality clones FR 90 and FR 94 as standard in our range of varieties, for which high flowering and yield stability were the selection goals. 
 Performance data of the WBI Freiburg from 4 locations with 19 harvests from 1967-1968 und 1973-1994
Clone FR 90 FR 94
Must weight (°Oe) 78 76
Yield (kg/100m2) 108 126
Acidity (g/l) 10,4 10,6


Gelber Muskateller FR 90
Gelber Muskateller FR 90
Gelber Muskateller FR 94
Gelber Muskateller FR 94
Gelber Muskateller Blatt

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Muscat Blanc

TypeCloneRootstockTrunk lengthRemarks Add to wish list
Muscat BlancFR 94ℹ︎
5 BB
125 AA
Richter 110
1103 Paulsen
Normal trunk (ca. 30 cm)
High trunk (ca. 80 cm)
Half trunk (ca. 60 cm)
proven quality clone
Muscat BlancFR 90proven quality clone


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