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Origin: Merzling is a fungus-resistant white wine variety newly bred in 1960. Merzling was crossed in 1960 by Johannes Zimmermann at the Staatlichen Weinbauinstitut Freiburg.

Interbreeding: Seyve-Villard 5276 x (Riesling x Ruländer).

Characteristics: The growth is semi-upright, very vigorous and occurs without stronger side shoot growth. The foliage is robust and strong. With dark green colouring, the leaves are medium-sized and five-lobed with an overlapping stem bight. The PIWI white wine variety has good wood maturity and winter frost resistance. The bud burst occurs around the same time as Müller-Thurgau. 


Downy mildew: niedrig medium hoch sehr hoch

Powdery mildew: niedrig medium hoch sehr hoch

Botrytis: niedrig medium hoch sehr hoch

Grape: The grapes are large and relatively compact. The berries are medium to large and rather thin-skinned. They take on a yellow-green colour when fully ripe.

Wine: The wines are fruity, full-bodied and predominantly neutral. When grown in particularly warm locations and on very fertile soils, the wines can develop a broad style and a disturbing tone. 

Cultivation: Cultivation in very warm locations is not recommended. The variety is very sensitive to drought, so sandy and light soils should be avoided. Due to its early ripeness and good frost hardiness, cultivation is recommended mainly in climatic marginal zones.

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Merzling Traube
Merzling Traube

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TypeCloneRootstockTrunk lengthRemarks Add to wish list
MerzlingFR 300ℹ︎
5 BB
125 AA
Richter 110
1103 Paulsen
Normal trunk (ca. 30 cm)
High trunk (ca. 80 cm)
Half trunk (ca. 60 cm)
neutral type


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