Cabernet Blanc

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Origin: Cabernet blanc was bred by the Swiss Valentin Blattner in the Palatinate. 

Interbreeding: Sauvignon blanc x various resistance partners.

Characteristics: The variety has good frost hardiness in winter frosts. The growth is vigorous and upright. The leaf is similar to Cabernet Sauvignon in that it is pentagonal with 5 lobes. The grape zone bears fewer leaves, which ensures good aeration. However, Cabernet blanc is very sensitive to blossoming, therefore shatter damages are possible and yields vary greatly depending on the location!


Downy mildew: niedrig mittel hoch very high

Powdery mildew: niedrig mittel high sehr hoch

Botrytis: niedrig mittel hoch very high

Grape: The grape is large, strongly shouldered and loose-berried. The mixed berries are particularly striking, normal-sized and young-fruited berries are located directly next to each other in the shouldered stem frame. The berries are small, round and almost seedless. Especially the seedless fruits have a very high sugar content. For a long time the berries appear dark green and unripe, only when they begin to ripen do they turn yellow. The berries ripen medium-late, around the beginning of October.

Wine: The PIWI wine is aromatic and rich in extract. Its aroma and taste are comparable to Sauvignon Blanc.

Cultivation: Because of its strong tendency to shatter, the variety should only be grafted onto a weakly growing rootstock and planted on vineyard sites that are safe from flowering.

Cabernet Blanc Rebe
Cabernet Blanc Traube
Cabernet Blanc Blatt
Cabernet Blanc Triebspitze

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Cabernet Blanc

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Cabernet Blanc-ℹ︎
5 BB
125 AA
Richter 110
1103 Paulsen
Normal trunk (ca. 30 cm)
High trunk (ca. 80 cm)
Half trunk (ca. 60 cm)
similarity to Sauvignon Blanc


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