Soil treatment with GeleeVital®

The summers of recent years have been characterised by long periods of heat and severe dryness. The lack of water led to severe drought stress, especially in young vines, but medium-aged vines were also affected. Without a cost-intensive and time-consuming irrigation system, it was not possible to prevent a loss of quality in the grapes, vine damage or complete vine failure.

We offer a new service in co-operation with the company GeleeVital® from Ehrenkirchen (Germany). With the help of the innovative soil additive mixtures from GeleeVital®, various problems in viticulture can be solved in a single operation. The focus is on improving the water retention capacity, adjusting the pH value and enriching the soil with essential micronutrients. The result is an all-round healthier soil, which has an effect on the vitality of the plantation. 
Further information about GeleeVital® can be found at www.gelee-vital.de.

Service procedure

1. Determination of the initial situation in the vineyard:

A soil sample is taken directly from your vineyard and analysed for certain soil health criteria (micronutrient content, humus content, pH value, etc.).

2. Compilation of soil additives

Based on the soil sample, soil additives are then customised for your plant. The required fertilisers and trace elements can also be added. Application for conventional and organic farms in viticulture, fruit and vegetable growing, agriculture/agriculture

3. Application

Soil loosening (deep loosening) and the incorporation of soil additives and any necessary fertiliser are carried out in a single pass.

Your advantages of using GeleeVital®:

  • Long-term water storage
  • Adjustment of the optimum PH value
  • Improvement of the soil structure
  • Storage and buffering of nutrients
  • Soil activation and humus build-up
  • Increases microbiological activity in the soil, thus improving root formation
  • Increases the cation exchange capacity
  • Increases the resistance of plants
  • Binding of pollutants
  • Increases the quality of the plants
  • Reduction of stress factors e.g. dryness
  • Reduction of production costs
  • Simple application

GeleeVital® is THE alternative to time-consuming and costly irrigation measures.

The GeleeVital® system is unique on the market. Prepare your vineyard for dry and lean periods and benefit from the many advantages.

Contact our contact person and company owner of GeleeVital directly:

Heiko Ernst
+49 176 / 310 98811