Planting service

Since the 2017 planting season, we have been working with contractor Sascha Pfaff, who operates our own planting machine. In 2020, we took over the planting machine from Maschinenring Ortenau, which significantly increased our efficiency. This means we are particularly well equipped to carry out planting work extremely efficiently and meet the needs of our customers.

The planting machines are equipped with the latest technology (IPS-Drive, satellite control, etc.). This means that there are many options for planting and subsequent work, thanks to the accuracy of the measurements.

We are also happy to plant your Kiefer & Sester seedlings with our planting service. Our primary aim is to make planting vines easier for our customers and to provide them with the best possible support. In addition to the planting of grafted vines, fruit trees or fir trees can also be planted on request.

Contact us and book your appointment. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Plant service driver